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The ELPA21 consortium determined that a student’s proficiency will not be established through a composite score but rather through specific rules applied to patterns of achievement levels attained by students across the four domains.  Within each of the four domains (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) there are five performance levels (1-5).  These performance levels offer additional details as to student performance within each domain.  Based on these performance levels, ELPA21 has established three categories of proficiency status.

Student Proficiency Statuses
  1. Emerging (qualifies for program)
  2. Progressing (qualifies for program) or
  3. Proficient (exits program)

Students with an Emerging or Progressing determination will continue in TBIP, while Proficient students should no longer receive language development services. Proficient students should be provided academic support as exited TBIP students on an as needed basis.

(January 21, 2020: New for 2019-20) The ELPA21 Additional Order (A/O) Material Shipment Schedule provide an overview of the number of days between orders placed in TIDE and delivery date of materials to district. Depending on volume of additional orders placed, the delivery date may shift by 1 to 3 days.
If a district has an existing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Acceptable Use policy with established guidelines already in place, the district may choose to allow use of student devices for the online assessments. If these elements are not already in place through an existing BYOD Acceptable Use policy, it is highly recommended that some mechanism is provided for parent approval/signature, a general understanding that student security settings on their device need to be activated and up-to-date to prevent issues with the school network, and an expectation that no attempt will be made to tamper with the code of the Security Browser or otherwise circumvent test security settings.

The resources below are intended to assist districts in communicating with families of students about ELPA21 assessments.

This document provides supported headsets and headphones for the ELPA21 tests.

The document to the left contains approximate student work time for the 2017-18 ELPA21 online summative assessment for Washington state. The document embedded below contains the estimated testing times for the consortium.

ELPA21 Online Summative Estimated Testing Times -Consortium

This document contains the number of tasks and question by grade band for the 2017-18 ELPA21 online summative assessment for Washington state. 
The document to the left contains the number of questions by grade band for the ELPA21 Practice Test.
This checklist provides information on the technology skills for grade bands K-12.
The 2019–20 Tool Button Sheet can be displayed in the classroom or available to individual students.