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The Data Entry Interface (DEI) User Guide for the ELPA21 Screener and ELPA Summative assessments will assist users in entering student assessment data such as question responses and scores.

The Screener Speaking Scoring Document includes the scoring rubric and supporting materials for TA “on the fly” scoring of the step two speaking task for students in Kindergarten through 12th grades.

(August 5, 2019: Updated, refer to revision log on the last page) The Online Dynamic Screener Test Administration Manual (TAM) contains the directions to guide TAs in log-in and general screener test administration activities. It gives specific procedures and setup details, directions for the TA, and a script with directions for TAs to follow.

TA Script of Student Directions 

Translated Arabic ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

Translated Chinese ELPA21 Online Screener


Translated Marshallese ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

Translated Russian ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

Translated Sgaw Karen ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

Translated Spanish ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

Translated Vietnamese ELPA21 Online Screener

Audio, PDF

(December 20, 2019: New for 2019-20) The 2019-20 ELPA21 TAM is intended to provide specific instructions for the administration of the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st century and includes the TA Script of Student Directions.

Tool Button Sheet (Updated 12/20/2019)
The 2019–20 Tool Button Sheet can be displayed in the classroom or available to individual students.

Tool Button Sheet

Translated Supplemental Directions (Updated: 2/11/19)

These scripts are intended to be used as a supplement to the ELPA21 TAM and should be read to students who would benefit from hearing the directions read aloud in their native language.

Arabic, Chinese, Marshallese, Russian, Sgaw-Karen, Spanish, Vietnamese

Audio Translated Supplement Direction 

Arabic, ChineseMarshalleseRussianSgaw-KarenSpanishVietnamese

This user guide will assist TAs as they navigate the online system interface.